Perfect Printing Eight Considerations

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Posted on: 08/09/17

Eight considerations for printing factory to do perfect binding:

1, observe proofs

1) Printing random checks. When start book printing, ink and water supply amount will be some changes, should frequent random checks readjustment. At the same speed printing, ink and water supply amount are in a stable state, per print 500 to 1000 carry out random checks.

2) Sandwiched warning note. Formal printing, for local failure as a sign, a warning should be sandwiched elongated strip to facilitate the inspection after the process.

2, Pay attention to water supply amount

1) Note that the water supply amount on early printing. Be sure to observe the side proofs whether the printing echoes, then adjust the water supply amount.

2) Attention to the changes of water formal printing process. Pay close attention to the machine body heat and ventilation in the workshop impact the water. Alcohol Dampening to pay attention to the cooling device of dampening system.

3, Attention to changes in ink

1) attention to fountain ink. Fountain ink outgoing from the ink fountain roller and the ink fountain blade gap, the ink is extruded by weight. So, the number of fountain ink amount directly affect the output amount of the ink.

So, pay attention to make the fountain to maintain a certain amount of ink.

2) To prevent the ink dried on the machine. Downtime such as eating, resting, the ink fountain and rollers inks in the surface will be dry. Can Spray drying inhibitors in the need to prevent dry place.

3) Attention to the ink evenly. We should always be compared with the standard sample checks, prevent uneven ink.

4) Maintain the pH of the dampening water. When the ink added adjuvant, the pH value of the dampening solution easily affect.

4, Attention to the back rub dirty

The back rub dirty because ink dries slowly, graphic ink layer is too thick, paper high smoothness and other reasons, the paper surface adhered to the back of a printing paper phenomenon.

5, Pay attention printing echoes failure

Printing echoes is printing plate moved. The following method can check the cause and treatment.

1) Printed twice, observation overlay accuracy, check the machine and adjust it.

2) Check the tension of the blanket. The new blanket easy to relax, watch several times to tighten, but not too tight.

3) Check cylinder packing and printing pressure.

4) Check the paper adaptability. Defective paper adaptability prone to printing echoes, so it should be checked.

5) Reduce the viscosity of the ink. High viscosity of the ink, the paper can not be successfully stripped the blanket, the paper end section unstable, resulting in printing echoes.

6) Adjust gripper. Gripper improper adjust and maintenance, is causing a major cause of printing echoes.

6, Pay attention to check the situation overprint

7, Attention to other work

1) Refilling, mixing and wetting liquid supplement.

2) Clear dirty job.

3) Clean blankets, Wiping and gumming operations.

4) Attention to presses anomalies.

8, Attention to confirm the number of prints

When printing ends, make sure that number of copies is consistent with the production of construction orders.


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